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The 5 Reasons you Should Purchase a BMW

The 5 Reasons you Should Purchase a BMW

Buying a car is a big decision. You’re probably going to be using it every day, and they’re too expensive to just replace if you decide you don’t like it. The car you chose is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s kind of a long-term investment, in a way. Making sure you get the right one is vital, so you’ve got to put in the research ahead of time. With that being said, here are five of the most compelling reasons that you should purchase a BMW.

1. Environmental Awareness

Unlike a lot of other luxury car brands, BMW has made it apparent that their current main focus is to make their cars as environmentally friendly as possible. Leaders in the BMW company have stated that their goal is to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 40% by the year 2030. They aim to be a fully sustainable company, putting resource conservation at the top of the priority list. BMW has also claimed to use 100% green power at their manufacturing plants since the end of 2020.

2. Low Maintenance

When considering buying a luxury car, one of the main things that cause people to hesitate is the thought of increased maintenance. While it’s true that most luxury cars are relatively high maintenance when compared to their more affordable counterparts, BMW has some of the most affordable maintenance of any luxury brand. While annual maintenance on a non-luxury car tends to average around $600-$700, BMW tends to average around $900. That may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the $1,200 average of other luxury vehicles.

3. Long Lifespan

Most luxury cars have either the same or a slightly lower lifespan compared to non-luxury cars, lasting around 200,000 miles in general. The average non-luxury car can go 200,000-300,000 miles before the maintenance it requires gets to be unjustifiably frequent. On the other hand, BMW drivers have reported that they were able to drive for as many as 250,000 miles or upwards of 20 years before noticing any signs of wear at all.

4. Comfort and Automation

What is it that sets luxury vehicles apart from the rest? If you answered their stylish appearance, then you’re not wrong, but that’s not all of it. When car companies are designing a luxury vehicle, they design every last detail with the goal of making it as comfortable and convenient as it could possibly be for the driver. From the designs of the seats to the automatic headlights and rain-sensing windshield wipers, BMW excels at doing just that.

5. Customization

For a long time, the main factor that separates BMW from other luxury car brands has been the extensive customization options they provide to their customers. From the paint color to the technology installed, there’s virtually nothing you can’t custom-fit to your preferences when purchasing a BMW. BMW has been pushing for made-to-order luxury cars for over a decade, which just goes to show how much they prioritize their customers’ needs.