Brake Pads in Fort Worth, TX

Brake pads are a key component of your vehicle's braking system. When the brakes are applied, their contact with the brake rotors are what allow you to stop.

Over time, this interaction causes the brake pads to gradually wear down, reducing your braking ability. We recommend replacing your brake pads after they have worn to less than 1/8th of an inch, often signaled by a squealing wear indicator embedded in the brake pad. Brake pad wear beyond this point will dramatically increase stopping distance.

Further neglect will lead to severe damage and replacement of the brake rotors as metal components come into contact. Having your brake pads serviced as soon as they reach minimal thickness will extend the life of your braking system and prevent the need for costly rotor replacement. From a safety standpoint, deteriorated brake pads will increase the distance required for you to stop, possibly causing an accident. Neglecting brake pad maintenance has no environmental impact.