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Common BMW Repair Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common BMW Repair Problems and How to Avoid Them

Did you know Americans bought more than 270,000 new BMW cars in 2020? A BMW is a luxury car, which makes it a dream vehicle for everyone. The brand is associated with power and performance.

If you are looking to buy a BMW, you are bound to enjoy the class and sophistication of the car. BMWs are expensive. Before spending thousands of dollars, it’s essential to learn about the car.

Explore its functionality, durability, and maintenance costs. Rick and Ray’s Auto Plaza has a brief guide on some BMW repair problems and how to solve or prevent them.

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Common BMW Repair Problems

A BMW is a luxury car built for comfort and is made to last. There are a lot of things to consider before you buy a BMW. For one thing, there’s the price.

A new BMW can cost over $100,000. If you want the top-of-the-line model, you could be looking at something closer to $200,000.

Beyond price, safety and potential repairs are essential to consider. Even though BMWs have some of the best safety ratings, there are common repair problems you can’t ignore.

Cooling System Failure

BMW cooling system failure is a serious issue that will affect your vehicle’s performance. It will lead to rapid engine wear and may cause expensive repairs. You should know about it and how to prevent it before purchasing a BMW vehicle.

The BMW cooling system has three parts: the radiator, the water pump, and the thermostat. All these components work together to keep the engine cool. They dispel heat from hot fluids, so they don’t overheat and while you are driving.

The BMW cooling system keeps the engine cool, but it can fail if you don’t take care of it.

Modern BMW cars have an engine that can run at very high temperatures. This ensures the engine runs smoothly and gives out as much power as possible.

Keep the engine temperature under control to avoid overheating. Check out the signs that indicate your cooling system is about to fail. Regularly maintain your car to prevent failures from occurring.

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Leaky Oil Filter Gasket

This is a recurring problem with BMW vehicles. It can cause engine failure. This may require an engine rebuild costing thousands of dollars.

It’s caused by a failure in the oil filter housing gasket. If the problem is ignored, it may result in engine damage.

BMW vehicles have a unique engine that allows a lot of air to circulate around it. This makes the temperature inside the engine less likely to fluctuate. The disadvantage is that during cold weather, it can be challenging to start the vehicle.

People don’t realize why their BMW doesn’t start up when it’s cold outside because of the oil filter gasket.

Oil leaking from the gasket gets on the exhaust manifold and burns off. This creates smoke and can start an engine fire.

Regularly check the condition of your gaskets and change them when needed. If it’s leaking already, get a BMW repair service to check the oil leak.

Door Handle Problems

BMW has been in the news due to a class-action lawsuit over their faulty door handles. The issue has caused several accidents, and it’s even left one man paralyzed.

The problem occurs when car owners exit the vehicle and the door opens unexpectedly. In most cases, the owner hit their head on the door frame or fell onto the ground.

Since the first lawsuit was filed, more than 400 people have filed similar claims against BMW. The automaker says that they are aware of the issue.

To avoid replacing the door panel, look out for the following. If your door handle is sticking, you will note that the interior trim panel is catching on the handle. It may also make a clicking noise.

It’s likely that the pin has come loose in the plastic housing. This connects the handle to the lock assembly, causing stickiness. If the interior trim panel is catching on the outside of the door when you pull away from your car, have it checked out.

Discharging Battery

BMW recently announced a recall on all of its electric vehicles. The cars had problems with their lithium-ion batteries.

In the United States, close to 160,000 vehicles were recalled due to battery problems. The problem was discovered when customers reported that their vehicle’s battery would not hold a charge.

BMW released an official statement on their website. BMW confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are working to rectify it as soon as possible. They also stated that no accidents or injuries have been reported due to this defect.

Battery replacement can be expensive. One way to avoid BMW discharging battery problems is to use the car regularly. If you don’t use your BMW for a long time, always keep the battery charged.

Some of the battery problems are minor. Even if it is not minor, auto professionals will solve it for you.

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Faulty Electronic System

Faulty electronic systems in BMWs have caused the recall of over 2 million cars in the U.S. You need to repair the faulty system to avoid battery fires and other serious problems. Owners must replace a fuse box located in their trunk.

The new fuse box costs about $1,800 to replace. It can cost as much as $5,000 to fix this problem. If your car is out of warranty, this is a huge expense.

The BMW X3 has a faulty electronic system. It can cause the car to shut down while driving. This may cause accidents and injuries to those inside the vehicle.

You should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. Check if your vehicle has been recalled, and if so, what the problem was.

BMW electronics are becoming more advanced. You can use apps to keep track of your car’s performance or diagnose problems with the sensors. You can even control some features.

You should know that not all apps are created equal. Use BMW software diagnosis apps. If you don’t have one, check your auto repair store.

Rick and Ray’s Auto Plaza uses the latest technologies to assess your BMW repair problems. We have been fixing cars since 1993 and have a strong commitment to helping our clients.

Faulty Fuel Pump

The BMW fuel pump is one of the most sensitive components in your car. The pump supplies the fuel to the engine, and it is designed to operate under extreme pressure. When you have problems with your fuel pump, you have problems with your car.

There are several warning signs that you need a new fuel pump:

  • The engine will not start
  • The engine will not stay running
  • The engine cranks but does not start
  • The engine runs rough or stalls frequently
  • The engine has a hard time starting or stalling after long periods

If you notice the above signs, it’s time to fix the fuel pump. Consult an expert for quality repair services.

Window Regulators

There are many different kinds of window regulators used in BMW vehicles. The regulator assembly is responsible for raising and lowering the windows. It operates through a cable that connects to an opening arm.

When you roll down your window, the regulator raises it back up again. This system allows you to roll down your windows with a switch in your car.

If you hear a rattling noise from the door of your BMW, you probably have a faulty window regulator.

If you own a BMW, the plastic cover on the window regulator can get brittle and break. If this happens, the window will come down even if it’s not supposed to.

The issue is common in BMW 3-series from 2002 to 2006, 5-series from 2003 to 2010, Z4 from 2006 to 2011, and X5 from 2007 to 2012.

Some models are equipped with manual and power windows, while others are just manual. The affected models were built between 2000 and 2013.

You can prevent the window regulator problem by regularly cleaning your car. If the regulator won’t roll up or down or is sluggish or too quick, consider getting a professional to help.

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Faulty Headlights

BMW India launched its new luxury car, the BMW 7 Series. The car was presented at a high-profile event in Mumbai. The launch was a huge success, and all the attendees were impressed by the car’s performance.

There was one glitch, though. The headlights of the car were faulty. It had been manufactured that way.

After noticing this, the company immediately pulled off the cars from showrooms. They issued a recall notice to customers who had already purchased the vehicle. They also offered to get these headlights replaced for free as soon as possible.

Check if your car is among the recalled, and if so, get it fixed.

Faulty headlights can be disastrous for your car and its driver. If it’s not a manufacturer’s problem, you can prevent faulty headlights.

Never use tap water to clean your headlights. It leaves residue behind that attracts dirt and dust. This can lead to corrosion issues with the headlights.

Use a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. This will remove dirt and grime and kill any bacteria living on the surface of the headlight. Also, never allow your headlights to become foggy.

Timing Chain Snaps

BMW engines have been linked to the failure of several timing chains. These failures can cause the engine to seize, the valves to bend and break. They can also cause the pistons to hit the valves.

The BMW repair problems are due to the use of a design that had previously failed in other vehicles. Your car could also have used a cheaper low-quality material. Some think there are manufacturing issues at play here.

You can solve the problem. How? Check your engine’s oil level. It should be at least 90% full.

If it isn’t, add some oil (check your car’s manual for the exact amount). The second thing is to check when you did the last servicing.

BMW inspection service can help prevent the problem. Regular service and maintenance will prevent this problem.

BMW Repair Budget

When you pay up to $90,000 for a new BMW, you expect superior service as well. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Even if you can afford to buy a BMW, it can be difficult to keep up with the high maintenance costs and the expensive repairs.

One of the biggest concerns for most BMW owners is how much my mechanic will charge me? What do I need to do to avoid getting ripped off at the shop?

BMWs are the most expensive vehicles to maintain. An average BMW owner spends $1,300 a year on maintenance and repairs. You may spend approximately $15,000 in five years on maintenance and repairs.

Some components can cost $550 to repair. If these components are not working correctly, there will be a loss of power.

One of the components is the Crankshaft Position Sensor. The unit tells the engine computer to send fuel and air into the cylinders. It can cost between $200-$500 to replace this sensor.

The malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor is also costly to repair. The sensor measures how much air gets to the engine. It sends the information to the engine control module.

The sensor’s repair costs between $300-$550.

You can avoid costly BMW repair problems with proper maintenance. Learn your car, the parts, and how to maintain them. Regularly schedule service to ensure all its parts are fully functional.

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Avoid BMW Repair Problems

Repairs for BMWs are costly but avoidable. With proper maintenance and regular BMW repair service, you can prevent your car from breaking down.

Don’t wait for last-minute damage to BMWs. You can prevent some of the BMW repair problems with the above tips.

At Rick and Ray’s Auto Plaza, we solve BMW service issues. Our technicians have years of experience handling any auto repair and services for BMWs.

Contact us today for auto repair services, servicing, and diagnostic services.