Fleet Service in Fort Worth, TX

Fleet Service in Fort Worth, TX

At Rick & Ray’s, we offer an array of repair services for all makes and models of fleet vehicles. Our services will cover all parts and labor for 3yr or 36,000 mile.

The services we provide for your fleet vehicle include: 

  • full service for all light and medium service vehicles
  • normal PMs
  • full electrical diagnosis
  • brakes and suspension repair
  • complete digital inspection of vehicle for immediate and near future needed repairs
  • full service for all light and medium service vehicles
  • complete brake/ suspension/ battery condition report included at no charge

We specialize in a variety of makes and models of fleet vehicles and therefore we keep up-to-date with our knowledge in vehicle computers and software. For example, our team specializes in Sprinter service for Mercedes Benz and many other popular brands.

Quick & Quality Fleet Vehicle Services

Currently, dealers are at least 3 weeks behind in appointments for services, but Rick & Ray’s can provide much quicker service. We have 8 techs who have been trained to service your fleet vehicle. We have the highest quality staff in all of Fort Worth, Texas which is evident in our extremely low turnover rate.

We can perform a multitude of services including:

If you aren't familiar with fleet vehicle service, you might ask what a fleet vehicle is? A fleet vehicle is one that is owned by a company or government organization, such as a taxicab, police car, or a firetruck, that are used to transport goods. Fleet managers use fleet management software to keep track of company cars, typically by GPS, and to communicate with them. Rick & Ray’s located in Fort Worth, Texas will happily take care of your fleet vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about all of the logistics. 

To keep your fleet vehicles running smoothly and to keep your system intact, it is essential to get numerous fleet cars serviced at the same time. Every automobile contains a maintenance schedule that can be found in the owner's manual. We want to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape since you rely so heavily on it working properly and that is why you get the highest priority for our in-shop appointments.

A service that should be done regularly (around every 5,000 to 10,000 miles) is an oil change to keep your automobile's oil free of dirt and debris. We at Rick & Ray's Auto Plaza in Tarrant County service all types of fleet vehicles, including forklifts, motor homes, and commercial fleets. 

Contact Rick & Ray’s to Get Your Fleet Vehicle Services

If you are looking to service your fleet vehicle, Rick & Ray’s, in Fort Worth, has got you covered. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers and ensuring that we provide the best service to our customers. Our team is exceptional and we know you will not be disappointed if you choose us!


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