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5 Mercedes Auto Services in Fort Worth You Need for Travel Season

5 Mercedes Auto Services in Fort Worth You Need for Travel Season

When you’re ready to enjoy travel season in your luxury car, make sure you prepare with the proper Mercedes auto services in Fort Worth.

Especially if you’re traveling out of state, spring and summer are the top times to get those miles in. The temperature is up, the sun is shining, and the roar of your Mercedes will sound perfect while you cruise down the road.

As pristine as this make of vehicle is, it’s still a machine and thus requires maintenance. Our luxury auto specialists in Fort Worth know how to provide the service you need so you can tackle travel season with confidence. 

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These Mercedes Auto Services Will Get You Travel Ready

If there’s one thing that can make Mercedes life better, it’s taking that beautiful auto on the road for an exciting adventure.

Maybe you’re driving out to the country or a park, where you can enjoy wide open spaces and the beauty of nature. Perhaps you’re heading into the city for some shopping, dinner, and nightlife. Wherever you end up, you’ll be better off if you prepare your car with these service options.

1. AC Maintenance 

Those of us who live in Texas know all about how crucial it is to have a functional air conditioner in the car. But your AC system becomes even more important the further you travel. When you’re trekking out on the road in high temperatures, staying cool means staying safe.

There are a few signs you may need AC repair or maintenance. They include:

  • The system isn’t cooling the car quick enough
  • There’s a foul smell coming from the vents
  • The air coming out feels moist or sticky
  • Your AC is leaking

When you get your AC serviced, you’re getting the vents, tubes, filters, and all other components examined to ensure they’re in working order. Not only can it keep you cool, but it can do the same for your vehicle.

If the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and all other components are in working order, your car won’t have to work and strain as hard to cool the interior. It makes the trip easier for both you and your luxury car. 

2. Brake Inspections

Reliable brakes are vital for driver safety no matter how far you’re going. But as the distance increases, it becomes even more important to be able to stop efficiently and without hesitation. 

Many people who own luxury, antique, or European automobiles tend to pamper them. Sometimes this means they ride their brakes, which can cause the system and its components to wear down.

Proper brake inspections ensure your system is responsive, so you can react quickly to hazards and travel safely. This simple but important aspect of auto maintenance in Fort Worth should be done yearly, just to ensure your brakes are set to hold up until your next stop at the service center.

3. Cooling System Improvements

When you’re on long road trips, your car is in a constant state of operation. This hard work can get your car’s temperature up, and it could even lead to potential overheating if your cooling system isn’t operating properly.

In many cars, the cooling setup works via a heat exchange system where fans and coolant work together to keep your engine’s components nice and cool while they’re operating. While your Mercedes auto expert will check to make sure your system can perform its function properly, they’ll also ensure the system isn’t at risk of creating other problems.

Coolant leaks can lead to corrosion on the cooling system and other nearby components. By checking for and replacing at-risk parts, your luxury auto specialist in Fort Worth will ensure you (and your car) will be cool, calm, and collected during travel season.

4. Fuel System Checks

When you fuel up before heading out on your first travel season adventure, you probably know that it’s not just about what you put in your tank – it’s also about the fuel system.

When you have a proper optimized fuel system, which includes the fuel pump, injector, and various other components, you’ll enjoy many benefits Some of them are:

  • Smooth startup
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smoother engine idling
  • Fewer emissions
  • Solid power under pressure

A well-maintained fuel system is the literal power source for your journey. The right fuel-based Mercedes auto services in Fort Worth can help your car perform better from startup all the way through the end of your road trip.

5. Tire Setting

We close the list with the component that actually rolls along the highway during your trips. Your tires do the hard work of carrying your vehicle hundreds of miles to your travel season destinations. By engaging in proper tire maintenance like setting the pressure properly, you can greatly improve your car’s performance.

Proper pressure improves fuel economy, handling, braking, and more. The proper amount of pressure depends on the type of vehicle and tires – when in doubt, check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. You can also check with your Mercedes auto expert in Fort Worth.

Tire pressure can decrease due to weather, damage, or simply the passing of time. Your auto specialist can also check for tire damage, or advise you if you’re due for a rotation to help you enjoy even performance and safe travels. 

Call Rick and Ray’s for Auto Maintenance in Fort Worth 

Before you take off for your first adventure of travel season, we invite you to stop by our service center to get all of your Mercedes auto services in Fort Worth.

We have multiple ASE certified technicians on staff, with 13 lifts and 23 service bays to get your auto treated quickly and thoroughly. We also offer warranties on the work we do, as well as flexible payment plans. We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers.

When you have an amazing vehicle like a Mercedes, it’s only right to invest in the treatment it deserves. Our highly reviewed auto experts have assisted in helping countless people enjoy safe travels. Let us show you what we can do.

We’re ready to service your AC, brakes, cooling and fuel systems, tires, plus more. Get on the road to safer travels when you contact us today. We book up fast, so contact us now so we can get your car inspected and serviced in plenty of time for travel season. 

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