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10 Instances Where You May Need BMW Service in Fort Worth

10 Instances Where You May Need BMW Service in Fort Worth

Just like there are many reasons to buy a BMW, there are plenty of good occasions to get BMW service in Fort Worth.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your BMW are important to ensure the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your vehicle. But when’s the right time to have this type of work done?

Some BMW services are prompted by your use of the vehicle. Once you hit a certain number of miles or years with the vehicle, it’s best to visit certified BMW mechanics and have them perform the specified work for that interval. In other cases, the BMW schedule doesn’t apply as much as the situation – such as when you get the car, or where you’re planning to take it.

Today we’ll discuss some of the most common situations where you may need BMW service in Fort Worth. Remember, our talented BMW mechanics know these autos well, and we’re always happy to get you in for the service you need.

Fort Worth BMW Service is Helpful in These Situations

BMWs are some of the most highly sought-after and reliable autos on the market. But even cars of this caliber require service. In some cases, proactive service can be a wise move. Not only can it help improve your vehicle’s performance, but it may even extend its lifespan and provide other long-term benefits.

No matter what type of BMW you have or what condition it’s in, here are 10 of the top instances where you may want to reach out for BMW services.

1. You Just Bought Your BMW

Let’s start the list with those who are new to the BMW experience. Maybe this is your first time owning this make, and you’re so new to it that you’re still wondering what does BMW stand for, let alone how often should a BMW be serviced.

You could even be an owner who is a big fan of this make, but is trying out a new model. In any case, new owners should make a service appointment ASAP. Getting your vehicle checked right after purchase is ideal for discovering:

  • Potential safety issues
  • Mechanical problems
  • Worn-down parts
  • Upgrade options

Even if you are a fan of this make of auto, only a skilled expert in BMW services can provide the full story about the state of your car. Especially if it’s a used car, you want to make sure you know the history in detail when it’s in your possession. After all, no one likes buying someone else’s problems. This leads us to our next entry.

2. You’re Preparing to Sell Your BMW

Anyone who’s ever sold a car knows there’s a lot of work involved with the process. You have to look up fair prices, get the paperwork together, and decide how you’ll advertise the sale or who you’ll make offers to. So why add another task to this long list?

Having your BMW serviced before a sale is a good move for multiple reasons. The first is that you can know your vehicle will go for a higher price if it’s in better condition. Imagine being able to advertise it by saying that it’s just been serviced, with a fresh oil filter change, new tires, or topped-off fluids. Immediately, the deal looks better.

There’s also the moral aspect. When you’re selling someone a car, you’re selling them something they’ll depend on for transporting themselves and their family. Knowing you’re handing them the keys to an auto that’s in good shape helps you walk away from the transaction with a positive feeling.

Here at Rick and Ray’s, we take the same pride when it comes to providing BMW service in Fort Worth. We’ll give you service and repairs you can rely on, so you’ll feel confident in your vehicle’s ability to serve your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

3. A Scheduled Maintenance Interval is Approaching

How often should a BMW be serviced? This answer can vary based on the specific model. Typically your owner’s manual will hold the answer. If you don’t have it, your local BMW specialist can provide the schedule for you.

Scheduled maintenance is based on a couple of intervals, one of them being the amount of time you’ve had your vehicle. But you don’t always have to complete these tasks right as they come due. You can stay ahead of them if you’d prefer. This is especially helpful if you’re worried you may miss the chance to have them completed later.

Common scheduled maintenance needs include:

  • Oil changes and oil filter changes
  • Brake inspections
  • Tire rotations and pressure setting
  • Wheel alignments
  • Topping off brake fluid and wiper fluid

When you complete these items on or ahead of schedule, your BMW will remain in better condition. Remember to contact your trusted BMW mechanics ahead of time, so you can keep up with all the servicing requirements.

4. A Mileage Milestone is Approaching

Every driver should be aware of auto maintenance intervals. However, it’s not just about how long you’ve owned your vehicle. The number of miles you travel plays a role in servicing requirements as well. Some intervals are based on a split system of miles or months.

For example, synthetic oil can commonly last for up to 7,500 miles. NOTE – this number can vary, so make sure to consult with your owner’s manual or your mechanic for your specific needs. But in this case, synthetic oil can become dirty and sludgy after a year or so. If a driver doesn’t put 7,500 miles a year on their vehicle, they would still need to get the oil changed after enough time has passed.

Consider working with your mechanic or reaching out to your auto manufacturer to get a full service schedule. Knowing how many miles or months you need between service appointments ensures your BMW is always cared for, no matter your driving habits.

5. The BMW Service Engine Soon Light is On

check engine oil and battery lights in car

For some people, there’s no auto experience worse than driving along only to see that alarming illumination on the dashboard. Check engine and diagnostic lights come in many forms and under various names. For BMW, the Service Engine Soon Light is most common. What does this light mean? Many drivers worry about the uncertainty more than anything.

Luckily, your skilled BMW specialist will have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose the meaning of this warning sign. Some common meanings behind it include:

  • Service is coming up or was skipped over
  • There’s a mechanical issue developing
  • Your vehicle requires a software update

While warning lights have developed a dreaded reputation in the auto community, they’re actually helpful. By going off these alerts and taking your BMW for service in Fort Worth, you can improve its performance. This may also help you avoid safety issues or expensive repairs down the road, or even gain information on how to better care for your car.

6. You Hear Unusual Noises (or Smell Odd Odors)

While you should always leave auto work to the experts, including inspections, sometimes your own senses can tell you if something is wrong. It’s wise to listen to your vehicle and how it performs on the road. Sometimes turning down your music allows you to hear feint noises, which indicate that service may be needed.

If you notice any unusual noises coming from your BMW, such as grinding or squeaking, it could indicate a problem with the brakes, suspension, or other components. Have your vehicle inspected by a BMW technician to identify the issue and address it promptly.

Since we’re talking about using your senses to assess your BMW, you should also be aware of any odd smells. A musty odor may indicate a problem with your AC system. A burnt smell could clue you in on a potential oil leak or a faulty belt.

7. Your BMW is Handling Differently

Another sense that you can rely on to gauge your vehicle’s performance is your ability to feel how it runs. Those who have driven a vehicle for an extended period of time will know when something feels off, even if they can’t see, smell, or hear anything out of the ordinary.

There are a few common sensations you may pick up on during travels that indicate something is wrong. They include:

  • Trouble accelerating, which could be a sign of a slipping transmission
  • Rough steering, which may suggest potential suspension issues
  • Mild shaking, which might indicate faulty plugs, coils, or wires

Even if you only have a slight suspicion that you felt something off, it’s wise to go ahead and have your vehicle checked. If the issue is enough to reverberate throughout the automobile, it could be enough to cause a mechanical fault or present a safety issue.

We’re committed to keeping your automobile safe, efficient, and reliable – contact us today for the best BMW service around!

8. You Need Seasonal Modifications

When the seasons change, so too do the needs of our vehicles. While all the components need to be kept in good shape no matter the date, weather conditions and travel arrangements can necessitate special modifications.

For example, the winter season is a time to double-check the battery and the heating system, especially for anyone who lives in a cold area. What about here in Fort Worth where the temperatures are higher than most places? It’s always good to start off the spring and summer block with an AC check.

Your auto technician may also decide to change out your filter, to ensure pesky outdoor allergens don’t find their way into your car and leave you feeling sneezy as you head off on spring travels. Speaking of traveling, the warmer months of the year are also ideal for road trips…

9. You Have a Road Trip Coming Up

Some people say the spring and summer seasons are the perfect time to pack up the car and get away for a bit. Others take their travel time in the fall when the temperature drops. Some people may even prefer to travel during winter, especially if they want to slip away to an area that has weather unlike the kind they’re used to seeing.

Whatever has you in the mood to travel, you should make sure your vehicle is up for the trip. A detailed inspection before the journey can make you feel more confident in your auto. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your BMW is prepared for the trip. An inspection like this can include:

  • Checking and setting tire pressure
  • Testing the battery and connections
  • Checking all hoses and belts
  • Topping off all fluids
  • Testing your brakes

This brief but important check-up on your auto can set you on the course for a great travel experience. You’ll know you’re in a vehicle that’s prepared to get you to your destination and back safely.

10. You’re Moving

What happens if you’re going on a trip and not coming back? Specifically, what if you’re charting a new course and plan to build a life somewhere else? If there’s one thing you’ll need to explore your new location, it’s a safe and functional vehicle.

Having your vehicle serviced is one of the top things you should do before you relocate. Moving puts your life in a temporary state of flux, meaning your car functions as a sort of home in the interim. As with any home, temporary or not, you want to feel safe and secure in it. When you get your BMW service in Fort Worth, get it from an expert you can feel at home with.

Need Fort Worth BMW Service? Call Rick and Ray’s

The BMW remains a top auto in an industry where competition is plentiful. The combination of style, performance, and constant innovation positions this make as one of the best around.

It’s only fitting that you get your BMW services from a specialist that understands these machines and has a great reputation. If you’ve ever wondered “where’s the best BMW service near me,” Rick and Ray’s Auto Plaza is ready to serve you.

Our talented technicians have plenty of experience working on these vehicles. We’re more than just mechanics – we’re specialists when it comes to cars of this caliber. At our facility, we have:

  • 4 ASE Master Certified Technicians
  • 13 Lifts and 23 Service Bays
  • 3-Year and 36,000-Mile Warranties
  • Rental Cars and Shuttle Service
  • 6-12 Month Interest-Free Payment Plans

We build our business around convenience. No matter when you need to get your auto serviced, why, or what kind of work you need, we’re dedicated to making the entire experience easy and enjoyable for you.

Ready to get on the road to the best BMW service in Fort Worth? Contact us today for a free estimate!