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6 Signs You Need Truck Maintenance Service

6 Signs You Need Truck Maintenance Service

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Maintaining your truck with regular service is critical in ensuring its safety. According to the National Safety Council, 5,000 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2019 alone, accounting for 10 percent of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes. This percentage has increased 43 percent since 2010.

Therefore, you see the importance of routine truck repair and maintenance services, especially if you own a large fleet.

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Check out these six top signs that your truck is in need of repair.

1. Your Warning Lights Are Flashing

If you see your check engine light come on, it may not be a huge problem but it’s worth checking out. Ruling out something bigger is always a good idea. Take all dashboard warnings seriously, as they could be a sign that something bigger is coming down the line. You may end up with costly repairs later if you don’t address small things now. Partnering with a professional truck maintenance mechanic is a good idea, as they can provide a thorough diagnostic inspection on a regular basis. Not only can this TLC save you from costly repairs, it can prevent a serious accident.

2. You Are Having Issues With Braking

Any changes you experience in how the brakes work or feel should be addressed immediately. In fact, this should be treated as an emergency situation. Brakes that are on the brink of failure can:

  • Make strange noises such as screeching, grinding, or squeaking when applying the brakes
  • Cause a vibration when hitting the brakes
  • Have a squishy feeling when pressing the brake pedal
  • Pull to one side when braking

If any of the above are happening to you, bring your truck to your trusted mechanic in Fort Worth.

3. Your Truck is Performing Poorly

If your truck is sucking down excessive amounts of fuel to perform daily tasks, or if overall performance has become poor, your air filters or oxygen sensors could be clogged with dirt and debris. Bring your truck to a mechanic to inspect, clean or change the filters. Have them check the state of the battery at the same time.

4. Your Engine is Making Noises

If your engine is making a knocking sound, worn bearings could be to blame. If you don’t repair or replace the bearings, you could experience engine failure. Don’t ignore strange noises coming from the engine. Always get them checked out.

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5. Your Truck is Leaking

Many fluids are involved in the task of keeping your vehicle running smoothly. If you notice any of those fluids (oil, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, etc.) leaking from your engine or any other part of your truck, get it looked at. You may notice excess liquid during a pre-trip inspection, or you may spot a pool of liquid where you last parked your truck.

Fluid leaks can leave your truck vulnerable to further damage or even failure.

6. You See Colored Exhaust Smoke

If you spot large plumes of exhaust smoke coming from your truck, take notice and get it looked at immediately. Smoke is a hazard to health, not just for your truck but for you as well.

  • Blue smoke: This is a sign of an oil leak, meaning the cooling system is failing. With a reduction in lubrication around the moving parts of the engine comes an increase in the wear and tear of those parts. You may have to replace certain parts or you may experience a seized engine.
  • White smoke: This may be due to a cooling system leak whereby coolant is being burnt up within the engine and pushed through the tailpipe. Your truck may be at risk of overheating.
  • Black smoke gusts: Your truck is burning gasoline.
  • All of the above: Your engine’s life may be over. Bring it to a mechanic right away to see if it can be salvaged.

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