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6 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic in Fort Worth

6 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic in Fort Worth

Here are questions to ask your mechanic in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bringing your precious car to a mechanic isn’t always easy. You have to trust them implicitly to treat your car right and not take you for a ride with overinflated prices. That’s why research is important when looking at Fort Worth mechanics. After all, you need your car to function in daily life, as it gets you to school, work and play. Without it you would be lost.

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Check out our checklist of six questions to ask your mechanic in Fort Worth before making a commitment.

1. Can You Provide Customer References?

Do some digging before you bring your car to a particular mechanic. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers who they recommend. Don’t forget to check your local Better Business Bureau and online reviews from verified customers, suggests the Family Handyman. Spend some time in the waiting area of the mechanic’s shop to see how employees treat the customers.

2. What Are My Repair Options?

Most issues with vehicles have more than just one solution. However, not all mechanics are exactly trustworthy. Some may tell you the most expensive option so they can get the most cash out of you. There is almost always a lower cost option, though. Ask your mechanic to fully explain all choices at all price points.

If the mechanic can’t explain or won’t explain all potential routes, go elsewhere. You want someone who is transparent and honest in all areas. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask a lot of questions. It’s their job to ensure you understand what’s going on with your car and what the best solution is to fix it.

3. What Certifications Do You Have?

Reputable technicians have certification from the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). This means they have shown proof of expertise and experience in their industry, with re-testing taking place regularly to maintain that good standing. As a side note, rest assured that Rick and Ray’s is an ASE-certified facility.

4. Can You Set Me Up With a Maintenance Plan?

A reputable mechanic wants to return your car in excellent condition so you are completely satisfied. But they also want to keep your car in that excellent condition so you are satisfied over the long haul. Ask if they can set you up with a complete maintenance schedule, while at the same time comparing that with the manufacturer’s recommendations from your owner’s manual. If a mechanic tries to sell you services you don’t need, and you know this because you read the owner’s manual, go elsewhere because this is a red flag.

5. May I See My Old Parts?

If your mechanic wants to replace a part on your vehicle, see if they are willing to return your old parts. They should be able to put the old parts in the box that came from the new parts they installed.  This provides you with a great educational benefit, as you can witness the before and after appearance and function. Even if the old part is too heavy, messy or leaky to take home with you, just ask to at least see it. If they refuse, don’t let them work further on your vehicle.

6. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Your mechanic should provide a guarantee on products and services he or she provides. That being said, warranties vary by shop. That’s why you need to ask specific questions. Before you allow repair work on your car, ask the mechanic what the warranties are. Shops that are confident in the abilities of their mechanics will provide stellar guarantees. After all, they want you to be happy and come back.

In the end, you want to hire a mechanic who can answer all of these questions fully and happily. This will ensure you are hiring a trustworthy mechanic that you can feel good about bringing your car to a mechanic. Without trust, you have nothing!

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