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Why You Need a Properly Functioning Exhaust System

Why You Need a Properly Functioning Exhaust System

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In a perfect world, your car would have properly functioning systems, properly inflated tires and properly charged batteries throughout its lifespan. But that’s not reality. Truth is, you have to work hard to keep your vehicle in good shape, from performing regular maintenance and service to getting periodic inspections.

When it comes to your exhaust system, this is even more important, as this system is responsible for ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely. Its purpose is to convert harmful gasses and minimize noise, among other things. Comprised of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, exhaust pipes, resonator and muffler, your exhaust system is a crucial component of your vehicle and must be checked on frequently.

When your exhaust system is functioning properly, your vehicle benefits in many ways.

First, regular maintenance at regular intervals will keep your car in proper working order and prevent costly mechanical repairs down the road, says Kelley Blue Book.

How Does an Exhaust System Work?

Do how does your exhaust system work, anyway? Well, the exhaust system process begins in your engine, whereby it goes through an internal combustion process. This involves the gathering of air, mixing that with fuel, and then igniting that mixture. Combustion produces gasses and carbon particles that are harmful to the environment if left unchecked.

This is where the exhaust system comes in, as its job is to filter the waste and allow it to exit safely from the back of the car. So in a nutshell, the exhaust system helps your vehicle run better while emitting safer fumes and reducing noise coming from the muffler. We’ve all seen (or rather heard) an exhaust system or muffler that’s in need of repair. You can hear those cars coming from a mile away!

Benefits of a Strong Exhaust System

Check out the top advantages associated with a properly functioning exhaust system.

Increased Power

The exhaust system and your vehicle’s power are both linked directly. The faster the exhaust system can dispel wasteful gasses, the more power your car has. But vehicles that come off the lot are not designed to produce the most power they can. Many people buy customized, aftermarket exhaust systems to achieve even more power.

Two options for boosting power include cat-back exhaust systems and high-flow catalytic converters. To a point, the more diameter your exhaust pipes have, the higher amount of horsepower your car will have. Ask your trusted mechanic and do your research to see which system is best for your make and model.

Better Fuel Economy

Better fuel economy also leads to increased power, but you need to find the right balance in an increased pipe size. Your engine will burn more fuel to match the output of power, which is where the skill of a professional mechanic comes in. They can find the best balance in power for you.

Custom exhaust systems usually comprise muffler, downpipe, and catalytic converter alterations, resulting in a vehicle with overall better performance and power.

Better Sound

A strong exhaust system also results in better sound. One of the main purposes of any factory-made exhaust system is to reduce the amount of sound coming from your vehicle. Certain aftermarket alterations allow you to perhaps add an exhaust cutout, take off the muffler, or put in some exhaust tips. A poorly function exhaust system will display obvious audible issues.


A strong exhaust system also enhances the look of your car. While many components of your exhaust system are hidden and aren’t on obvious display, there are some parts that are visible. Take a dual exhaust system, for instance, which can add to the overall aesthetics (not to mention performance) of your vehicle.

How Do You Know if Your Muffler Should Be Replaced?

Check out these signs that your muffler needs to be replaced and your exhaust system should be looked at.


  • Loud Noises: If you hear loud, strange noises or roaring coming from your car, especially when accelerating, you may have cracks or holes in your muffler.
  • Foul Odors: If you smell foul odors, your muffler can’t properly filter fumes out of your exhaust due to a leak or muffler damage.
  • Reduced Gas Mileage: If your gas mileage is decreasing, this signals a malfunctioning muffler. A new exhaust system will give you better fuel economy.
  • Dripping: If there are drips of liquid or rust originating from your muffler, there is likely a lot more damage going on behind the scenes. You don’t want to end up with a corroded system.
  • High Engine Temperatures: Damaged mufflers result in blockages and extremely high engine temperatures. Even a loss of power can result.
  • Old Age: Like any other part of your car, muffler systems will come to the end of their useful life at some point. Most vehicles get only five to seven years of life out of their mufflers. Some things can hasten aging, such as speed bumps, road salt, and potholes. Look for areas of significant rust and make sure you get regular inspections of your muffler. While some surface rust is common, it’s bad news if that rust is so severe that it has started to penetrate the metal.

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