From ambulances to trucks, fleets come in all shapes and sizes. No matter the type of vehicle or the size of your fleet, the experts at Rick and Ray's Auto Plaza can provide service to most fleet vehicles. Yearly inspections, maintenance and tune-ups are all key to keeping your fleet and business on the road.

If one of your fleet vehicles breaks down, the team at Rick and Ray's Auto Plaza makes it our priority to get it back on the road quickly. We provide accurate time estimates so you can know in advance if you need to make arrangements for your fleet. Additionally, with our fleet account program, we can keep track of maintenance for your vehicles to prevent any major repairs.

If you own a fleet and are looking for a friendly, responsible and experienced team, call Rick and Ray's Auto Plaza to schedule your fleet appointment.

Through our dedication to excellence in service, Rick & Ray’s Auto Plaza helps our clients keep costs low and help increase their fleet’s utilization rates.

Our commitment to you is getting you back on the road as fast as possible.

Everyone in this industry promises quick turnaround. Our team is built for this. We are able to give you the priority you deserve because you lose money when vehicle is down. I will rent a retail customer a car for two days so we can focus on YOU.

If Mr. Smith doesn’t have his car it won’t kill him. You on the other hand can’t just go get another service vehicle. We understand this. Our goal is to increase your time in the field. Ask you service provider if they will do that for you. We do – we back it up with a warranty.

4 Hours or its Free.

We back up our commitment to you with a written warranty. As soon as we have a work order started the clock starts ticking. We will have a written estimate with an ETA on completion within 4 hours or you don’t pay the diagnostic time.

We will eat this because we know talk is cheap. We aren’t going to just guess. We also back this up with a money back guarantee. NO ONE ELE DOES THIS FOR YOU.

What Makes Us A Better Choice

  • 3-year 36,000-mile nationwide warranty
  • 3 times better warranty than average dealership
  • 30-day billing
  • Fleet service management companies honored
  • All fuel systems – Diesel, Gas, Natural Gas, Propane
  • Hybrid Hydraulic System Service
  • Electrical Systems
  • Add-on accessories
  • All vehicles under 2 tons Full service & repair
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Digital PM and inspection reports emailed on each visit
  • Scheduled appointments for quicker service
  • Valet pickup & delivery based on location

Our Fleet Services

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Alignments
  • A/C Systems
  • Welding Refrig Systems
  • Fabrication Brakes & Suspension
  • Tires Electrical Systems
  • Tune-ups Add-on Equipment
  • PM’s Digitally Engine Repair
  • All Fuel Types & System Repair
  • Transmission Repair Hydraulic Systems
  • Complete Diagnosis & Repair
  • Reprogramming Factory Systems
  • Full Service All Makes & Models
  • And Much More!

How we stand above everyone else

Factory Computer and Software.

Rick & Ray’s Auto Plaza is your one-stop-auto-shop servicing the Global fleet of vehicles. We are a true all makes and models shop. Our focus is on the Luxury market. Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz. Any shop can perform the normal maintenance on vehicles. It is a different matter when it comes to the more complicated diagnoses of the numerous computer modules these vehicles have. WHERE DO YOU GO THEN?

ASE L1 Master Technicians

Most shops are lucky to have one Advanced Level Certified Technician. ASE certified L1 and L2 tech is the highest certification that is offered nationally.

We have FIVE L1 Techs on staff. We also have three ASE Master Certified Techs on staff. Most dealers don’t have a team with this kind of firepower.


2425 Cullen St
Fort Worth, TX 76107