We provide high quality, professional detailing services, to give your vehicle the care it deserves, and have it looking like new once more!

Car Wash vs. Detailing

Most car washes use detergent to remove contaminants from the paint surface. The method of using some type of friction is common such as the whirly wheel or moving pad to remove grime. This is bad for the paint as it grinds the grit into the clear coat and causes scratches and swirls.

This also leaves your paint surface vulnerable to environmental harms. Waxes are product that apply to the clear coat and allow for the protection to harsh damaging agents on the road. Detergent actually will remove the wax from the surface. This will allow paint to deteriorate. This causes the paint to loose shine.

Our Solution – A Superior Clean

First we use a liquid compound and a professional buffer to remove debris from the clear coat. Then we use a clay bar pad to clean contaminants off of paint surface. This prepares the surface to allow the wax to adhere to the paint effectively. The high performance wax is fused with Carnauba wax for a high gloss finish.

This is a huge advantage over just a car wash. Only a well prepared surface allows the wax to do its job effectively. We guarantee our details with a money back warranty. Our customers love the convenience and results from our professional service. Just like the other services we offer, our goal is to WOW you.

On the interior we use a carpet cleaner with steam and three times the suction other shops use. This allows the complete removal of the water from the seats and carpets. We treat all of the seat materials and coat them with a protective coat.

We clean all of the cubbies and compartments. Cup holders are the worst. We want these clean as new. Our goal is to restore the interior close to new as possible. We also treat the A/C system of bacteria and mold that naturally occurs in these closed systems.
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How we stand above everyone else

Factory Computer and Software.

Rick & Ray’s Auto Plaza is your one-stop-auto-shop servicing the Global fleet of vehicles. We are a true all makes and models shop. Our focus is on the Luxury market. Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz. Any shop can perform the normal maintenance on vehicles. It is a different matter when it comes to the more complicated diagnoses of the numerous computer modules these vehicles have. WHERE DO YOU GO THEN?

ASE L1 Master Technicians

Most shops are lucky to have one Advanced Level Certified Technician. ASE certified L1 and L2 tech is the highest certification that is offered nationally.

We have FIVE L1 Techs on staff. We also have three ASE Master Certified Techs on staff. Most dealers don’t have a team with this kind of firepower.


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