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Common Signs You Need to Overhaul Your Diesel Engine

Common Signs You Need to Overhaul Your Diesel Engine

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Every car and truck needs regular TLC, service and maintenance to prevent unexpected – not to mention costly – repairs. It’s important to nip any issues in the bud right away if your diesel engine starts to lose its efficiency and power. Diesel engine failures are not only very expensive to fix, but they can lead to many other problems that can add even more money to your bill.

Diesel Engine Overhaul: What is It?

Sometimes diesel engines require “in-frame overhauls,” which means significant parts of the engine must be replaced so as to restore full power and functionality. The seriousness of the failure will dictate how many parts have to be replaced and to what extent. You’ll also want to consider the engine’s repair history.

  • Generally, a base overhaul includes removing the upper and lower half of the engine to do a deep clean.
  • Parts will be inspected to see if any can be reused or repurposed.
  • Components such as cylinder packs (pistons, wrist pins, liners, liner O-rings, ring sets) and all gaskets will be replaced.
  • Other parts may also need to be replaced, like cylinder heads, oil pumps and injectors, depending on the specific issue.

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How Do You Know Your Engine Needs an Overhaul?

Here are some signs you can be on the lookout for:

Oil Sludge/Metal Shavings

Oil sludge is basically old oil, grime, and coolant that has somehow mixed in with your good oil, changing its thickness. If you see this, this means your engine is not properly lubricated.

Another sign is when you spot metal shavings in the oil. Those tiny metal bits can easily be spread to many other components of your car via the oil, which is the lifeblood of your car.

More Oil or Coolant Consumption

Is your diesel engine sucking up more oil than it usually does? This is often a sign of worn piston rings, which allow fuel to get into the engine crankcase. Diesel fuel doesn’t work well as a lubricant and will incur damage.

There are many possible causes for increased oil or coolant consumption, such as:

  • Oil leak
  • Faulty o-rings
  • Cracked cylinder head
  • Cracked cylinder gasket
  • Worn cylinder liners

Spun Rod Bearings

An out-of-place bearing can cause damage to the rod journal and the rod that connects them, usually due to a lack of lubrication in the crankcase. Even more damage can occur when broken rods start to move around the inside of your engine.

Dropped Valve

This occurs when the valve head is bent and sheared, making it drop into the cylinder. This can cause major damage to the entire engine system. When this happens, you will have to replace one or more of these parts:

  • Piston
  • Valves
  • Cylinder

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A Lot of Exhaust Smoke

If you have noticed excessive amounts of smoke coming from your car, there’s a problem somewhere.

  • Blue smoke means your engine is burning oil.
  • White smoke means coolant has leaked into the engine. It can also be a sign that the fuel is not burning off completely.

Heed these warning signs now to avoid a costly repair job later.

Knocking Sounds

If you’re hearing an unfamiliar sound, such as knocking or clanking sounds, coming from under the hood, this could indicate a compression issue, poor bearings, faulty fuel injectors, or wrist pin failure.

Compression Loss

A loss of performance and power is a sign of something called “compression loss.” This means the cylinders in your engine are leaking, which will greatly reduce engine output.

Now that you know what the above signs mean, you can be better able to identify the problem and get your vehicle looked at right away by a qualified mechanic. If you catch small issues early on, you may reduce the need for a full diesel engine overhaul. But even with preventative measures, your engine may need one at some point anyway. Just do your part to keep your engine clean, have a mechanic look at any issues, and get the repairs done as needed. This is the best course of action to keep your engine clean and working as it should. You have a great vehicle – so make sure it stays powerful and strong!

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