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Benefits of Having a Fleet Service Mechanic in Fort Worth

Benefits of Having a Fleet Service Mechanic in Fort Worth

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Your trucks are the lifeblood of your company, transporting goods from one end of the state, and sometimes country, to the other. Without a reliable fleet, you don’t have peace of mind. Proper, consistent maintenance is imperative if you want to keep your trucks in optimal shape so they can handle everything the road and the weather throws at them.

The best way to stay on top of this maintenance is to hire a fleet service mechanic. To keep the vehicles in your fleet vehicles running smoothly, it’s best to have many or all of your fleet cars and trucks serviced at the same time.

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Using an outside provider for regular fleet maintenance brings many benefits to your company, saving you time, money, hassle and productivity.

Boost Efficiency With Fleet Service Mechanics

Fleet servicing provides many efficiencies that are easy to manage and measure, which increases the lifespan of your vehicles and keeps them on the road for much longer. Other benefits include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased availability of the mechanic
  • Increase reliability of the mechanic
  • Enhanced productivity of fleet trucks
  • Higher company cash flow
  • Reduced payroll processing
  • Better efficiency of human resources

By outsourcing this work, you’re only paying for what needs to get done. And because you’re utilizing the resources of your mechanic, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and investments in the latest maintenance technology and training. Having someone you can rely on for maintenance services and mobile truck repair means you can trust that they’re going to use the latest diagnostic technology without the need on your part to invest in new equipment.

Measurable Benchmarks and Metrics

How can you improve your fleet when you are unaware of the inefficiencies? A skilled and experienced fleet service mechanic will know exactly what your trucks are capable of, what they need, and what the trends are that will keep your trucks running seamlessly. Measuring efficiencies comes in handy throughout the lifecycle of your fleet because you’ll know exactly what’s going on, and when.

Your mechanic can benchmark your fleet metrics based off industry standards, so you can use that helpful information to inform staff, provide accurate driver training, and make wise purchasing decisions.

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Quick Turnarounds

A fleet service mechanic is more flexible, as they understand the demands of your fleet and provide quick turnarounds on all kinds of repairs. They know that every broken-down truck in your fleet is costing you money every minute, and will work hard to get them up and running as quickly as possible. And by engaging in scheduled maintenance, they can better spot and prevent issues that could lead to costly and dangerous breakdowns — before they happen.

Perhaps the best part is, your mechanic will become familiar with your fleet over time so they can provide the most consistent services. Bringing your fleet to a different mechanic every time wastes a lot of time and money because they have to run diagnostics all over again and ask a lot of questions that they may have already answered for the prior mechanic.

Preserves Staff

You’re paying your regular staff to do specific jobs, and often times, repairs and maintenance tasks are not in their job description. When you take the time to train employees to provide repairs, you’re taking time away from their regular duties that you hired them to perform. This is an incredibly inefficient way to run a business. Plus, you don’t want anyone to get hurt on the job doing anything they’re not supposed to do, from making repairs to trekking out into inclement weather to repair a truck on the side of the road.

And if you hire an in-house mechanic, you’re paying a full time salary and benefits to someone who may not be needed all the time, thus wasting resources and money.

As you can see, there are several benefits to hiring a fleet service mechanic in Fort Worth. We should know, we are one!

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